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Check out cool custom 3D printed accessories for Google Glass by Shapie Baltimore:

The 3D printed Lost Star ring designed by Shapie Samuel Jimenez makes for a great present for a loved one. Get yours here:

Fun 3D printed Ballistic device designed by Shapie Jeewel. Own one here:

Check out the cute spotted animal 3D prints in full color sandstone designed by Shapie Azza Ku:

The 3D printed MeltMan in WSP plastic is creepy cool. Designed by Shapie Chris Ryzebol:

The worlds first fully functional 3D printed fooseball / iPhone 5 case. Designed by Andrew Thomas. Get yours here:

We scan super heroes. @madmuseum #nyc #musem #interaction #experience #3dscan #3dprint #tech #art #batman

It’s a 3D printed skull that’s also a slinky. Amazing design by Shapie Ryan Kittleson:

Check out our wide selection of #3DP model trains designed by our community on Shapeways:

Tiny little 3D printed turtle in colored sandstone designed by Shapie Turtlebot. Check it out there: 

Bring Monsters To Life With The @monstermatcApp and enter our#monsterlympics contest:

Spooky 3D printed ghost in a cloak. Design by Shapie Manfred Kielnhofer. Check it out here:

Moon Moon Sit! Have a look at the 3D Printed Moon Moon wolf #meme check it out here: