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Thorn Dice Set by Ceramic Wombat 3D Printed in Stainless Steel by Shapeways

mobius monster by oskay on Flickr.

Yummmm, 3Delicous 3D printed Mobius Cake

"I think that Shapeways is arguably a paradigm shifting resource open to designers, makers, tinkerers, inventors - everyone." Chris Hardy

Large-format 3D printing

voxeljet unveils its 3D printing system VX4000 – a machine that is set to cause a stir among international experts. It enables objects to be produced from particulate material with dimensions of 4 x 2 x 1 metres.

Dr. Ingo Ederer, CEO of voxeljet technology, is delighted with the capabilities of the new machine. “With our new VX4000 we can generate moulds the size of a sports car, the limit being a volume of eight cubic metres. This presents users with undreamt-of possibilities. The enormous build space enables the rapid production of large individual moulds, but is also flexible enough to allow the cost-effective production of small batches.”