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Create beautiful worlds at scale with 3D printed miniatures:

Have you entered your #design to win a @formlabs #3dprinter yet? Check out the shapeways blog for the full #contest details that will have you #3dprinting your #prototypes to make your design ready for sale on shapeways. Perfect for #industrialdesign #jewelry #miniatures #models #architecture maquettes #sculpture #art bringing your #cg to reality.

3D printed Acrylic tray ready to melt the wax support material away #3dPrint #shapeways #design #miniatures (at Shapeways LIC)

How to Paint Shapeways 3D Printed White Strong and Flexible: Method: 1. Immerse in acrylic floor sealant (using tweezers is a good idea). Take out, store nose down to let it dry for 4 hours. Takes 30 secs. 2. Use coarse brush dipped in turps to clean off over-accumulation on wing leading edges, etc. Takes 20 secs. 3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 4. Let dry overnight. 5. Paint in your favourite method. I use overall linen, then paint over that. 6. Use gloss varnish to give decals a good surface to stick on. 7. Put on decals. A thin coat of 3:1 PVA glue/water may help them adhere. (That Morane fuselage decal needed it!) 8. Dullcote 24 hours later.