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#CONTEST ALERT! We are giving away 3D printed jewelry designed by Shapeways shop owners from now until the end of September.
Today’s giveaway is this beautiful Tiny Whistle pendant by Michael Mueller printed in Sterling Silver. To enter find Shapeways on Facebook and “like” the contest post. #giveaway #jewelry #whistle (at Shapeways)

"Shapeways has allowed me to do jewelry production on a boutique scale, but it’s more than handmade and it’s less than a factory in China, but it’s that really nice middle ground" - Ebony Fleur #Shapeways #DesignerHighlight #Jewelry #design #3DPrinting

It’s #SharkWeek and this weeks Friday Finds we’re featuring the Whale Shark pendant by RareBreed in raw silver. #whaleshark #jewelry #oceancreatures

Grun Jewelry: 3D Printing, Travel and Inspiration by Tanya Gruenberg 

Minimalist iXi Hashtag Ring 3D printed in polished brass. Designed by Graphics Factory:

The Anatomical Heart Pendant by leorolph is a beautifully detailed heart pendant that looks amazing 3D printed in Sterling Silver by Shapeways:

Sailboat pendant 3D printed in polished silver. Designed by roofoo:

Wax for casting, the ultimate jeweler’s tool. We’ll 3D print a wax model for you to cast into any metal. Have you tried Shapeways castable wax yet? #maker #jewelry #design #wax #materials #Shapeways

Mini Claw Hammer Pendant 3D printed in polished grey steel. designed by rithmikansur:

Think With Your Heart Pendant 3D printed in gold plated brass. Designed by Dennis Harroun:

Zampa Earring dog paw 3D printed in polished alumide. Designed by fabsilva:

Mobius band wireframed 3D printed in stainless steel. Designed by @camazine:

Introducing Castable Wax: Our Newest Maker Only Material!

Aimee shows her process for designing a custom pendant using our 2D to 3D creator app:

Have you entered your #design to win a @formlabs #3dprinter yet? Check out the shapeways blog for the full #contest details that will have you #3dprinting your #prototypes to make your design ready for sale on shapeways. Perfect for #industrialdesign #jewelry #miniatures #models #architecture maquettes #sculpture #art bringing your #cg to reality.