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Shapeways | blog: Print/3D Exhibition at Material ConneXion

Shapeways is part of Print/3D an Exhibit of Works of Additive Manufacturing (AM) from Industrial Design to Architecture at Material ConneXion in New York City.

Designs from the Shapeways community included Gilbert13, Nervous System, Sevensheaven, Continuum Fashion, Theo Jansen, Stony Smith, David Krentz Dinosaurs, Kaetemi, Bathsheeba Grossman, Bits to Atoms, Kevin Wei, Kurt Van den Branden, Anders Hansen, Tristan Bethe and MineToys alongside 3D models from MakerBot, MGX, Bespoke and more.

Print/3D runs at Material ConneXion, 60 Madison Avenue, 2nd floor, New York, NY from February 28th to May 11th, 2012. 

Shapeways by brum d on Flickr.