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Come see our sweet booth at Maker Faire this weekend in NYC! Details:

(via Shapeways | blog: TENT Design London: “Can we have new feet 3d printed”?)

We wished we could print new feet after standing a whole week at TENT but it was worth it! For the those who couldn’t be there with us, TENT was held in the OLD TRUMAN BREWERY as part of London Design Festival. A huge hall divided in different sections where you could get totally lost. There were a lot of very creative and cool objects self made and displayed; lamps, clocks, chairs, couches, art and so on.

We met thousands of people that we introduced Shapeways 3D printing to for the first time, the reactions gave us goose bumps: What do you mean with “all these models are printed”? Or “so you can print in metal that accurately”? Wow that is awesome! We have enabled possibilities for more people and that keeps the drive for us to work hard to make 3D printing accessible to all.

Wanna meet some fellow 3D printing and design enthusiasts? We do! Meet us in the bar of the Courtyard San Mateo Foster City Hotel in Foster City on Friday the 20th at 8.30pm, and bring your work! Meet  the Shapeways team. Drinks are on us.

Today it starts, ICFF in New York City is the biggest design event in the USA and Shapeways will be there at Booth 1451 so come and meet the Shapeways team and take a look at some of the 3D printed awesomeness we have on show.

During the course of the show we will be posting updates, photos and maybe even some video of the event on our Tumblr so keep an eye out for what will surely be an exciting event. Next weekend Shapeways will be at Maker Faire in San Mateo so if you are on the west coast we will see you there.