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Learn to Design for 3D Printing in NYC

If you want to learn how to get started designing for 3D printing we are running an introductory class in New York City on Thursday the 14th of February, 2013.  The class is suitable for anyone, of any age who is interested in getting started 3D printing.

The Intro to Design for 3D Printing class will cover the basic principles behind design for 3D printing, the free tools available to get started and the materials and processes used to make your ideas real.  Bring your Mac or PC laptop your charger, and an external mouse and create an account on Shapeways prior to the event and download free 3D modeling software 123D Design from Autodesk prior to the class so we can run through some of the basic tools, and maybe even design a little something. 

Sign up via Skillshare and be sure to bring your laptop and mouse.

Nokia Becomes the First Major Manufacturer to Release 3D Printable Files for Their Product

Nokia has become the first major manufacturer to release 3D files so anyone can download and 3D print parts for their own phone.

Nokia have made the rear shell for the Nokia Lumia 820 available to download from their developer site as an STL that can be uploaded and 3D printed by Shapeways or a STEP file that can be opened and parametrically modified by a variety of CAD software such as Solidworks and Inventor.

The Nokia Lumina 820 has a simple clip-on interchangeable back which makes it possible for people to change the color of their phone.  By releasing the CAD file, people can now download and modify the basic design to add any feature they like, be it a functional like a folding stand, bike mount, cable wrap, or something cosmetic like branding, images or patterns.

What makes this really important is that a major manufacturer is making it possible for their customers to add value to their products without any cost to the manufacturer.

We have seen the seeds of the when Teenage Engineering made accessories for their synthesizer available for download and 3D print, but this is the first time one of the big guys has come to the world of 3D printing.

One thing to note is that the 3D file is quite fine, and will not suit all forms of 3D printing. We have uploaded the part to Shapeways and made it available for download. We are also doing some test prints at Shapeways this weekend to ensure printability in Nylon (WSF), but we do not recommend 3D printing components such as this in Acrylic as it may be too brittle and Nokia recommend no steel, ceramic or sandstone parts.

The file may also be challenging for Desktop FDM machines as the wall thickness and direction of the stresses may make this a fragile part.

This is a fantastic first move by Nokia, we asked who would be the first manufacturer to make the move to 3D printing in a previous blog post. Nokia get the prize for being the innovator, now let’s see who follows in their path and if they can raise the bar.

Cyber Monday Magic Free Shipping Today - Shapeways Blog on 3D Printing News & Innovation

Still looking for that perfect gift? Well today’s your day. Place an order by 11:59pm EST today, November 26, Enter the promo code k714 at checkout and get free shipping, wherever you are in the world.

Make the most of the 20% discount or free shipping this friday with a 3D printed stocking stuffers to blow the minds and with the hearts of family and friends. Take a look at a tiny 3D printed Ryan Gosling for the feminist in your life.

Or maybe you want to order a HeatLock iPhone 5 bumper.

You may have seen it before but what better excuse to give infinite bacon to the carnivore in your life.

infinite 3D Printed Bacon Gift Shapeways

Or another kind of flavor explosion with the Fruit Grenade to cleanse the palate after the Mobius Bacon onslaught.3D Printing fruit grenade

There are plenty more gift ideas to be found in the Shapeways Gift Guides but keep in mind that time is limited to get your orders submitted in time to meet the holidays deadline.

The Shape of What’s to Come: Our New Look & Feel : Rebranding is LIVE!!

The spark. It appears late at night, in a daydream, while doing a million other things. It often scurries across the forefront of your mind when you least expect it. But that fleeting spark, that spark has the potential to turn into a design, a product, a company, a community.

Starting today, Shapeways has a new look and feel. It starts with the spark - the idea, the laser - and continues with you, and the future that the Shapeways community is making a reality.

Why the change? Just as the 3D printing materials have improved and your designs have increased in complexity and beauty, we started growing out of our old clothes. We felt the need to break out of the box (link to old logo photo?) as this future is boundless. We also wanted to show your designs in the best possible light, and alas, our old sad dolphin blue isn’t flattering on anyone. 

Most importantly, though, we wanted to make sure that the experience you have on and in the wild has deep roots in our core values.

While we could continue to wax poetic about our inspiration and color theories, hopefully the design speaks for itself. Many thanks to our talented design team and engineers who made this real. And big thanks to the whole team for tirelessly shaping what’s to come.

Check out the Shapeways Look & Feel for more.

Want to join the team making 3D printing accessible to everyone????

We are running a Skillshare class at Material ConneXion on how to get started 3D printing on Wednesday May 9th at 6pm. This introductory class will cover the basic principles behind design for 3D printing, the free tools available to get started and the materials and processes used to make your ideas real. It is a perfect if you or anyone you know want to get started designing for 3D printing but do not know where to start. We will have materials there for people to play with to get an idea what 3D printing is all about. (via Shapeways | blog: Intro to Design for 3D Printing with Shapeways in NYC)

QUIRKY AND SHAPEWAYS are putting the tools of manufacturing into the hands of the masses using 3D printers and social networks. New products, designs and fortunes will follow

Shapeways » Timetank – The Mutewatch Blog

SoundClouder Justin Street‘s personalised iPhone case featuring the sound waves he recorded.

Shapeways is one of the coolest things I came across at SXSW. They’re a NY start-up working with cutting edge 3D printing technology aiming to create a platform where you can buy and sell anything you want! They print everything on-demand, which means that every order is customized and personalized. How cool?

We are not asking for tax breaks or favorable regulatory rulings, we are asking for restraint.

This is your chance to win $500 worth of 3D Printing from Shapeways and all you need to do is take a photograph of Bowie the Bunny out in the wild and upload it to Flickr with the tag ‘Shapeways Photo Contest’.

Whether you are at the Grand Canyon or the Eiffel Tower, The Great Wall of China or your local beach we want to see your holiday happy snaps of Bowie the Bunny EVERYWHERE. You can enter as many times as you like in as many locations as you like, the photograph with the most favourites in Flickr will be deemed the winner.. Enter early, enter often and get your friends and family to favourite your photos, You have until the 19th of August to upload and tag your images.