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Hotel lobby #3dscan tests for @shapeways #3dselfie at #sxsw

@duann with his #3dselfie ready to take to #sxsw join us at the Andreesen Horowitz party Saturday night to get yourself scanned

Thanks to the soundcloud crew for creating such an amazing space at #sxsw (Taken with Instagram at SoundCloud Open House)

@shapeways and @soundcloud crew at #sxsw for The Vibe (Taken with Instagram at SoundCloud Open House)

Beer away the rain #sxsw (Taken with Instagram at SoundCloud Open House)

@shapeways & nyan cat represent at #sxsw (Taken with instagram)

Shapeways Unveiling Products Made in the Future at SXSW Interactive

Shapeways currently has a project under wraps that the entire team is super excited about releasing to the world at SXSW Interactive.

We will be launching the news on Saturday the the 10th of March and will be showing it off in person all around SXSW.  If you are at the event track us down to see, touch and covet the 3D printed amazingness that is ‘the thing of mystery’……

We will also be showing our baby off at the Made In NY - Austin hosted by New York Tech Meetup on Sunday March 11th. 

For those who cannot make it to the event you can follow the trail images, videos and sounds via the Shapeways Tumblr which will be our live feed of the event.

You can also follow the Shapeways team on Twitter as we check in and check out the event.

Shapeways @shapeways 

Peter Weijmarshausen @weijmarshausen

Brad Dickason @dickason

Ana Hevesi @anoemi 

Charlie Maddock @charlesmaddock

Carine Carmy @carinecarmy

Duann Scott @duanns


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