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"The meetup in Oslo was really nice. We ended up being 7 curious people… 

A Landscape architect, an architect, two industrial designers and three visual artists! 

Anders Hansen (StudioHansen) and I went through from a to z and shared our enthusiasm and pursuit for the perfect shapes;-)

I’m sure everyone had a good time.”

Paris, France: 20 people met at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie

Lima, Peru: “We had a very fun time at the museum on Thursday, the attendance was about 15 people and most of all we talked about 3D printing technologies, shapeways apps and what would they would like to print. Since people didn’t bring their own 3d prints, we had to oblige and make some of our own to show up. But, the interest in the technology and particularly in Shapeways making apps (iphone case, cookie cutter and sake set, among others) was great.”

"Shapeway Meetup in San Francisco was a blast! We had 21 people attend. We got to see some really cool stuff that people had made along with the Shapeway samples. We had so much fun we want to turn it into a Monthly meeting!"

Singapore meetup: “The meetup went without a hitch! There were many people across an entire spectrum: students, investors, designers, architects, engineers.

The attendees were very curious about the properties of Shapeways materials and Clement and me tried out best to answer them. The sample kit helped greatly, I’m very grateful you sent it over.”

"It was a fabulous night, and we had people bring their own Shapeways prints too which was excellent.

People were fascinated, and left feeling more empowered to order stuff from Shapeways after playing with the materials and seeing what’s possible. Yay!

From a rough head count, looked like we had almost 50 people turn up, hooray!”

Shapeways World Meetup day in New York was a blast! We had about 50 people come out, many brought their models to show and a good number of the Shapeways team came to mingle. Thanks everyone for making it a great night!

More news from London:

"We had a small but really interesting meet-up underneath The Shard in LONDON. We had 10 people turn up through out the night from all walks of life from film prop makers, university research team programmers, graphic designers, model makers and photographers. It was really interesting to see how people are using 3D printing in their jobs and for hobbies. People brought with them model trains,  hydrogen fuel cell designs,  3D photo art & 3D typography. It was really inspiring to hear how people foresee the future of 3D printing in the home and our discussions regarding copyright issues."

"9 of us showed up for the Minneapolis meetup. Nobody else had printed anything yet, so I showed some prints, set up a my laptop and projector and walked everybody thru the Shapeways site."

"I just got back from the Chicago meetup. It was a blast! It was great to meet others in person and to teach people about the world of 3D printing."

"From Milano….

Last night meetup was really good. We were not many, just seven, but we did enjoy talking a lot about 3D print technology and hot it is changing many aspects of our life.

We gathered in piazza XXIV maggio as planned and after the 30 minutes planned we moved to a Pizzeria nearby.”

"The honor of Cambridge has been upheld! Please note that there were cookies."

"The honor of Cambridge has been upheld! Please note that there were cookies."

"Nice evening at the Barcelona #3DPrinting meetup @MOB_BCN Thanks for participating."

"ModiBot playing the spokesman for @Shapeways World MeetUp in Providence. Showing off the material selector."

"Getting ready for the Chicago @Shapeways Meetup!…"