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Got a small pencil left? Turn it into a small rocket! Design by yamaneko:

Happy International #TableTopDay to all you gamers out there! Celebrate with#3DP dice:

3D printed Beekeeper Chess Collection by designer RMcRae:

3D printed Beekeeper Chess Collection by designer RMcRae:

3D Printed Yak Rain Sand Stars in colored sandstone. Designed by JuanManuelVargas:

This Shapie got her husband a 3D printed Thorn Dice Set and made a custom box for them for his 30th Birthday. Now he’s the envy of all his friends!

The worlds first fully functional 3D printed fooseball / iPhone 5 case. Designed by Andrew Thomas. Get yours here:

Flappy Bird is resurrected by Shapie 8bitnirvana and 3D printing! Check it out here:

A simple and beautiful #3DP Spartan ring. Designed by Shapie Sammaei. Check it out here:

3D Printed Iron Helmet add on. Check it out here:

Game Week continues with 3D printed RPG and board game pieces:

Game week continues with Minecraft! Learn how you can turn your Minecraft creations into 3D printed reality:

Todays 3D Printed #Game of the day features @KerbalSpaceP. Read about them here:

Game Week continues! Check out these 3D Printed Dice Sets:

Arguably the Worlds Smallest Commercial Chess Set with a size similar to that of an ordinary credit card. Keep in your wallet for that unexpected Chess emergency!

This weeks Designer Spotlight focuses on Chuck Stover, the talented designer from Michigan, specializing in beautiful dice for tabletop Role Playing Games. More on our blog: