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Autodesk Save Tinkercad from Extinction

Autodesk has announced that it has purchased Tinkercad and it’s core technology to resurrect the browser based 3D modeling app from the dead.

Several weeks ago Tinkercad killed the popular 3D modeling app, closing new users and announcing a slow death for existing users from the free to the pro accounts.  Today’s news that Autodesk is saving Tinkercad is even sweeter as it has unlocked all of the pro features so you now have unlimited designs as well as access to the ‘superscripts’ that take the relatively simple ‘drag and drop’ assembly of geometry to a greater level of 3d modeling complexity.

The Autodesk team are also planning to continue to develop the 3D modeling app further with more import and export options and it may even find it’s way into the already impressive 123D range of apps that are perfect to design for 3D printing with Shapeways.

Thank you Autodesk, Long Live Tinkercad…

Learn to Design for 3D Printing in NYC

If you want to learn how to get started designing for 3D printing we are running an introductory class in New York City on Thursday the 14th of February, 2013.  The class is suitable for anyone, of any age who is interested in getting started 3D printing.

The Intro to Design for 3D Printing class will cover the basic principles behind design for 3D printing, the free tools available to get started and the materials and processes used to make your ideas real.  Bring your Mac or PC laptop your charger, and an external mouse and create an account on Shapeways prior to the event and download free 3D modeling software 123D Design from Autodesk prior to the class so we can run through some of the basic tools, and maybe even design a little something. 

Sign up via Skillshare and be sure to bring your laptop and mouse.

Autodesk Launch 123D Design for OSX PC iPad & Web

Yes, the free, awesome and easy 3D modeling app 123D has now been extended to 123D Design, available for OSX, PC, iPad AND Web App. That’s four times as fantastic with interoperability between all four and the rest of the 123D suite making it easy for you to design for 3D printing with Shapeways.

With Autodesk 123D Design, anyone can have fun designing and making things. Whether it’s a new design of your own, replacing a part of something you already have, or reimagining something so that it’s just right for you, with 123D Design you can create a digital model of your idea and then directly 3D print or fabricate the things you want, just the way you want them. And the way you work with 123D Design is similar to how you work in other everyday software you’re familiar with, so you can avoid frustrations and enjoy the process of making things.

Free Autodesk Software licenses for Students, Faculty and Displaced Workers

Autodesk offer free 3 year software licenses under their assistance program for Students, Faculty and Displaced Workers.

This is an awesome program for students and/or the unemployed to get their hands on some professional tools (including 3D modeling software), hone their skills and knowledge of software to make them an asset to an employer or maybe even start your own business.

Software that may be suitable for 3D modeling for 3D Printing with Shapeways include Autodesk Product Design Suite, 3ds Max, Inventor, Maya and AutoCad.

* Free products may not be used for commercial, professional, or other for-profit purposes, and are subject to the terms and conditions of the end-user license agreement that accompanies the software.

via Between The Lines.

Learn to 3D Model Your Own iPhone Case with Inventor Fusion

Want to design and 3D Print your own iPhone case, customized to EXACTLY meet your needs? Whether you need a credit card holder, a bicycle mount, an iPad connector, a dog collar, a spork attachement or your logo, come along to the class Design Your Own iPhone Cast to be 3D Printed with Shapeways in NYC to get exactly what you want.

How To Start 3D Printing With Shapeways from Autodesk’s 123D Apps

You can now 3D Print your designs with Shapeways from models created in Autodesk’s 123D range of free 3D applications including 123D, 123D Catch and 123D Sculpt.

Autodesk have been making 3D modeling accessible with a range of fantastic free tools to help you make your ideas for real.. Once you have created your 3D file in 123D, 123D Catch or 123D Sculpt you will need to create an account or log in to save it to ‘My Corner’ of Autodesk’s

Once your designs are stored in the Autodesk cloud you can head on over to the fabricate page:

  • Start a 3D Printing project
  • Choose your design from ‘My Corner’
  • Specify unit of measurements and scale
  • Choose a 3D Printing service (hint: Shapeways)
  • Log in with your Shapeways account (or register for a new one)
  • Your 123D App produce model will now upload to Shapeways so you can 3D print in any of our materials.

A massive thanks to the team at Autodesk for creating so many awesome apps for the PC and iPad that make it fun to get started making 3D objects ready for 3D Printing… 

We will do an overview and analysis of each of the apps in the near future to help you choose which app works best for your designs…

If anyone in the community are interested in doing a review of 123D Apps please let us know.

In the meantime check out the 123D blog to keep up to date with 123D happenings along with Shaan Hurley’s Between the Lines for some super inspirational Autodek technology news…

3D Printing Will Revive American Manufacturing:

Great interview with @Autodesk Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Jeff Kowalski describing the future of manufacturing in the United States which also happens to perfectly describe Shapeways NOW..