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Realistic Articulated Centipede 3D printed in nylon plastic. Designed by Brian Chan:

Mr Bones — Customizable Articulated Skeleton

 by graphix25. Check it out here: 

Dance Partner Pendant 3D printed in strong & flexible plastic. Designed by kipiripi:

Mini Claw Hammer Pendant 3D printed in polished grey steel. designed by rithmikansur:

Zampa Earring dog paw 3D printed in polished alumide. Designed by fabsilva:

Mobius band wireframed 3D printed in stainless steel. Designed by @camazine:

A detailed Standing Moth 3D printed in WSF. Designed by HiLobster:

Got a small pencil left? Turn it into a small rocket! Design by yamaneko:

Have you entered your #design to win a @formlabs #3dprinter yet? Check out the shapeways blog for the full #contest details that will have you #3dprinting your #prototypes to make your design ready for sale on shapeways. Perfect for #industrialdesign #jewelry #miniatures #models #architecture maquettes #sculpture #art bringing your #cg to reality.

Carter the Banana Boy 3D print:

Arrow Ring 3D printed in 14k Gold. Designed by @courtneyetc:

Awesome Octopus 3D printed in stainless steel. Designed by MatthewAmey:

Coral Pendant 3D printed in Matte Gold Steel. Designed by michaellla:

Flower hoop earrings 3D printed in polished gold steel. Designed by maqomaqo: