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Submit Your Designs to SuperFanArt! Create and sell 3D designs based on Hasbro’s iconic brands:

Very cool String Head sculpture designed by Sina Rahimpour printed in nylon plastic. #sculpture #design #sls #art

String Head Sculpture by sinarhp 3D printed in nylon plastic:

Cerberus Skeleton 3D printed in nylon plastic designed by @MythArticulate: 

Hands on with the 3D printed Cerberus Skeleton in nylon plastic. Designed by the talented Brian Richardson. You can find this on the Shapeways shop Mythic Articulations. #cerberus #art #design #creatures

Grun Jewelry: 3D Printing, Travel and Inspiration by Tanya Gruenberg 

Minimalist iXi Hashtag Ring 3D printed in polished brass. Designed by Graphics Factory:

Get your very own 3D printed orchid mantis designed by James O’Hanlon printed in white detailed plastic:

Realistic Articulated Centipede 3D printed in nylon plastic. Designed by Brian Chan:

Mr Bones — Customizable Articulated Skeleton

 by graphix25. Check it out here: 

Dance Partner Pendant 3D printed in strong & flexible plastic. Designed by kipiripi:

Mini Claw Hammer Pendant 3D printed in polished grey steel. designed by rithmikansur:

Zampa Earring dog paw 3D printed in polished alumide. Designed by fabsilva:

Mobius band wireframed 3D printed in stainless steel. Designed by @camazine: