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Check out the 3D printed Centaur Skeleton designed by the talented Brian Richardson:

3D Printed Viana’s Heart:

3D Printed Round Mobius checkerboard earrings:

Cat, Firebreathing Laser Unicorn and Rainbow 3D print. Own yours here: 

The 3D printed The Asteroid pendant takes its form from the proportions of our solar system:

Detailed Dragon Ring 3D Printed in gold plated brass. Design by Shapie Vintouch:

Dip your cookies in milk in this 3D printed ceramic Little Dipper. Designed by isohedral:

3D Printed nails by the laser girls:

3D printed Beekeeper Chess Collection by designer RMcRae:

3D printed Beekeeper Chess Collection by designer RMcRae:

3D Printed Yak Rain Sand Stars in colored sandstone. Designed by JuanManuelVargas:

3D printed Silver Shell Pendant. Design by Shapie aeron203:

Great piece on The New York Times featuring Shapeways designer evangelist Duann Scott and other amazing designers in the 3D printing community. 

3D printed Full Color Sandstone 1/15 Scale Yamaha XS650:

3D printed Sphinx Moth ring in steel. Designed by Shapie Tigermoth: