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3D Printed Tumblr Dice

So you have been staring at your Tumblr stream for the past 45 minutes without blinking and your retinas are now burnt with images of LOLcats, Japanese girls, Animated GIFs of Harry Potter and macro shots of cupcakes.  You cannot continue to passively observe and it is time to interact but your brain is now fried and you do not know what to do…

Time to Roll the Tumblr Dice…

It will help you decide whether to reblog that twisted animated GIF, unfollow that freak who keeps posting images of themselves in the bathroom mirror, <3 the photo of the kitten sleeping or is it time to go home?

Let the Tumblr Dice Decide

NOTE: With each order you only get one dice, recomended materials are 3D printed stainless steel (as shown), or silver to get a nice weight and detail

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    This would make my online presence management so much faster! DECISION DICE.
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