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Mermaid Bone by Spooky_Bulldog printed in polished grey steel:

Create your own custom 3D printed ring using our Ring Creator app on Shapeways like this Emoji Ring! creator #creatorapps #3DPrinting #Rings

String Head Sculpture by sinarhp 3D printed in nylon plastic:

Our Biggest Cast Metals Sale Ever! Save 20% when you spend $150 or more on your own designs in cast metals or wax.

Use code N3H5E at checkout by August 22:

It’s #SharkWeek and this weeks Friday Finds we’re featuring the Whale Shark pendant by RareBreed in raw silver. #whaleshark #jewelry #oceancreatures

Shapeways meet up for animators panel featuring our own Andrew Thomas and Laurie Berenhouse! (at Made in NY Media Center by IFP)

Cerberus Skeleton 3D printed in nylon plastic designed by @MythArticulate: 

Hands on with the 3D printed Cerberus Skeleton in nylon plastic. Designed by the talented Brian Richardson. You can find this on the Shapeways shop Mythic Articulations. #cerberus #art #design #creatures

Have you ordered your free 3D printed bracelet yet from @madewithcode? —- Love all the bracelets you’ve #madewithcode!

Shapeways 3D printing meets medical prototyping via @di3l0n —- Prototype implant fits perfectly. 2 years of research and development in the back of a tiny dental office finally showing something real for itself.

You hear that buzzing in your ear? It’s probably from these cool 3D printed mosquito earrings in raw silver by Pathos Designs. #mosquito #earrings #insect #bugs #summer

Never miss a #SuperMoon sighting with the infinite 3D printed Möbius Moon designed by Steven Gray. Check it out on his Shapeways shop MyGadgetLife!