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Now #3dprinting the winner if the @formlabs #3dprinter. Is this your entry? Check out the Shapeways to see the winners.

Feel a little less grumpy today with a 3D printed Grumpy Cat! Designed by Manuel Poehlau:

Hilarious 3D printed Mr.Poo Emoji 3D printed in full colored sandstone. Designed by GoodCustomGoods:

Atom pendant 3D printed in silver. Designed by Ferfer93:

Hey Jewelers, what would you like to see printed in our new suite of premium metals? #platinum #18kGold #RoseGold

Guess where we are with @smosh.

@diwire desktop wire bender making bunny ears as modeled by @shapeways material expert Raphael Design by @pensalabs

Wax for casting, the ultimate jeweler’s tool. We’ll 3D print a wax model for you to cast into any metal. Have you tried Shapeways castable wax yet? #maker #jewelry #design #wax #materials #Shapeways

Mr Bones — Customizable Articulated Skeleton

 by graphix25. Check it out here: 

Chelsea Clinton and @MindyKaling show off their #MadeWithCode bracelets 3D Printed by Shapeways. Photo via @lorilevineftv

.@MindyKaling speaks to the crowd at the #MadeWithCode launch party in NYC. “The only thing standing between me and my multimillion dollar app is that I don’t know how to code” - Mindy Kaling. #makers #dreamers #coders

Introducing the latest color to our Strong & Flexible plastic materials family: ORANGE!

Shapeways Designer Highlight: @thelasergirls #Shapeways #Nails #3DPrintedNailArt #design #fashion