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Thousands of 3d printed @madewithcode bracelets ready to send out from the shapeways factory in NYC

Hands on with the leaf skeleton iphone 5 case 3D printed in nylon plastic designed by Joaquin Baldwin. Get your own on his Shapeways shop. #iphone #iphone5S #apple #iphonecase #leafskeleton

Twisted Cleff Pendant by @ArtofEmaan printed in matte gold steel:

Team Shapeways came in 2nd in tonight’s startup dodgeball tournament benefiting the @UAMakerNYC! #dodgeball #teamshapeways #sports


Submit Your Designs to SuperFanArt! Create and sell 3D designs based on Hasbro’s iconic brands:

Very cool String Head sculpture designed by Sina Rahimpour printed in nylon plastic. #sculpture #design #sls #art

Ever wondered what would happen if you set fire to your 3D prints? We put five of Shapeways materials through a fire torture test. #acrylic #fullcolorsandstone #nylon #alumide #shapeways

Mermaid Bone by Spooky_Bulldog printed in polished grey steel:

Create your own custom 3D printed ring using our Ring Creator app on Shapeways like this Emoji Ring! creator #creatorapps #3DPrinting #Rings

String Head Sculpture by sinarhp 3D printed in nylon plastic:

Our Biggest Cast Metals Sale Ever! Save 20% when you spend $150 or more on your own designs in cast metals or wax.

Use code N3H5E at checkout by August 22:

It’s #SharkWeek and this weeks Friday Finds we’re featuring the Whale Shark pendant by RareBreed in raw silver. #whaleshark #jewelry #oceancreatures