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This is Awesome

3D Printed Little Red Riding Hood in her red cape. Designed by TinyPlanet:

The well designed 3D printed Crescent Moon by LucasPlus. Get yours here:

3D Printed Quaddel - peripheral interaction:

And we are out! Massive thanks to @madmuseum for hosting us and the thousands of visitors to Out Of Hand we 3d scanned.

Today is the final day for Shapeways at @madmuseum in #NYC. Last chance for a #3dselfie.

Hibiscus Ring 3D printed in Matte Gold Steel:

Sun Bottle Opener by designer Sprieto. Get yours here:

Chris Schauble becomes a 3D print on Shapeways. Read the story here:

Check out the 3D printed Centaur Skeleton designed by the talented Brian Richardson:

3D Printed Viana’s Heart:

@develop3d #3dprinting issue made it to @shapeways hq @Alistardean

Dive into a book with the 3D printed Whale bookmark designed by Shapie Planetars:

3D Printed Earrings Plant:

3D Printed Round Mobius checkerboard earrings: